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KIT-45 || Autumn Time weekly planner kit

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This listing is for a weekly planner kit printed and kiss cut on removable matte paper. There are several sheets to choose from. They can be purchased together or individually.

This kit was designed with Erin Condren planners in mind, but will work in most planners, especially those with 1.5" wide columns.

------Sheet descriptions------

Essentials: has washi, boxes of various sizes, scripts, flags, dots, icons, and a full box. It has the basic stickers you need to plan your week.

Extras: has date headers, script stickers, skinny washi, a habit tracker, and a Mon-Sun ombre box. The hourly sheet has strip headers to fit the EC hourly and the vertical sheet has individual date headers. The daily sheet has extra boxes and skinny arrows.

Boxes: has half and quarter boxes. The half boxes take up two hours in the 2020-2021 Erin Condren hourly planner and the quarter boxes take up one hour.

Fullboxes: decorative fullbox stickers.

Washi: has additional washi stickers in three widths: .6", .5", and .2"

------Bundle Options------

Functional kit: includes the essentials and extras sheets as well as the appropriate checkbox strip add-on.
*The 2020 Hourly option is for those using a 2019-2020 EC hourly.
*The 2021 Hourly option is for those using a 2020-2021 EC hourly.
*The Vertical option is for those using a vertical EC planner.
*The Horizontal option is for those using a horizontal EC planner.

Daily duo kit: includes essentials, daily extras, and washi sheets.

Full kit: includes all five of the sheets (essentials, extras, boxes, fullboxes, and washi). NOTE: the full kit does not include any checkboxes. Checklist strips and ombre checkboxes can be purchased as add-ons.

This kit format is designed to work perfectly in the 2020-2021 EC hourly planner, but the stickers will still work well in the 2019-2020 hourly planners. Although these stickers are sized with Erin Condren planners in mind, they are perfect for most planners.

For information on processing and shipping times, please see the policies section of my shop.

Please note that colors may vary slightly depending on your monitor.

Stickers are handmade and some imperfections may occur in the cutting process. However, I will do my best to make sure the stickers are cut well.

Materials: Sticker paper